What We Do

I love what I do.  To deal in rare gems is to constantly see the amazing and unique.  It is exciting and ultimately humbling to be entrusted with those items that become the treasures of public museums and private collections.

What makes my business different?  My ultimate goal is to provide value to my customers and to help them navigate the opaque world of jewelry.  To that end I have a few cardinal rules:

Jewelry must be beautiful and durable -  A well built jewel will capture the eye from across a room, and will only need the smallest amount of preventative maintenance as time goes on.  

Accurate descriptions are ultimately important - Diamond and gem dealers demand accurate quality grading and insist on full disclosure of any treatments applied to enhance gemstones.  This information is always passed on to my customers so they may easily compare quality and prices against those of other jewelers. 

Prices must be fair -  My goal is to help customers capture the most value for their expenditure.

    I take great pride that my jewelry is made by the most creative and skilled international craftsmen.  A team of specialists from all corners of the globe may offer their labor or insight into each piece. Each jewel is designed to last a lifetime or longer, and all gemstones are selected to best maximize the beauty of the final design.  

    Independent laboratory reports are available for all diamonds and colored gemstones on request. For those concerned about long term value of their purchases:  Please ask.  I am always happy to discuss future strategies for resale.

    Your friend,